Cohorted Beauty Box Review

Cohorted Luxury Box Review

This is my first experience with Cohorted who create luxury gift boxes containing high end beauty and fragrance products surprising their customers each month with hand-picked treats.


CargoCosmeticsLancomeTooFacedThe Black Edition Beauty Box

The first box which was the January edition contained four luxury makeup items which was beautifully presented in a black luxury gift box containing:

Too Faced Soul Mates Blush in Carrie and Big which is a beautiful heart shaped deep coloured bronzer, perfect for a deeper tanned look. Sweeping this product underneath cheekbones is a must to add definition and warmth to the face emphasising cheekbones.

Cargo Cosmetics Lip Gloss Quad which contains four peachy pink beautiful colours for the mouth. This quad would be a great pick to warm up the mouth during Spring!

Lancome Le Correcteaur Pro Concealer which is a beautifully packaged compact concealer which is perfect for concealing under eye circles. The product also softens the under eye skin area eradicating the appearance of fine lines.

Too Faced Lip Injection Colour Bomb in Bigger Berry which is a gorgeous deep coloured Berry lip plumper adding up to 20% volume. It looks lovely on, a beautiful product containing Vitamin A, C & E.

The White Edition Beauty Box

The White Edition Fragrance Box which was February’s fragrance set from Cohorted contained some really unique scents.

From left to right

Gucci Flora which is a popular scent by the brand. It contains top notes of Freesia, heart notes of peony and magnolia & base notes of sandalwood.

Penhaligon’s London Ostara Eau de Toilette can only be best described as ‘Spring in a Bottle’ or as the brand calls it ‘The Goddess of Spring’ 🙂

Ostara settles into a powdered scent of Benzoin, White Wood, Vanilla, Amber and Styrax. It’s certainly very unique & I love how the scent changes as it settles into the skin.

Intuition Eau De Parfum by Estee Lauder. This is an oriental scent with warming amber in the centre, top notes of mandarin, bergamot and Chinese rhododendron. A very crisp scent!

Jimmy Choo Eau de Toilette which is a crisp modern scent filled with vivid & seductive floral notes. The scent contains Pear, Toffee, Sweet Italian Orange, Exotic Orchid and sensual Tea Rose creating a warming yet crisp finish. CohortedMarchcohorted

cohortedTheBalmNailsINCBareMinerals PixiThe Black Edition Beauty Box -March

The Black Edition Beauty Box for March is absolutely stunning and it contains some beautiful luxurious makeup products.

The Balm NUDE’Tude Eyeshadow Palette

This palette is full of beautiful nude tones from browns, golds, pinks from The Balm. This is my first time trying the brand. The colours are lovely especially ‘Sexy’ & Seductive’.

The format is quite powdery so I suggest using a small amount of product and building up.

Nails INC Nail Polish in Cadogan Square which is a chic mustard shade with an ultra glossy finish.

BareMinerals Heavenly Face Brush – I love this brush! It’s a great one for applying makeup be it your foundation or blush!

PIXI Crayon Combo in Supernatural. This double-ended combo comes with a matte and metallic shade. Use the matte shade to define the eyes and the metallic to create a smokey effect.

The Balm Put A Lid On it Eye Primer A great light reflective primer to use underneath eyeshadow. Always use a primer before applying eyeshadow, not only will product stay put for longer, it will show the truest colour of your eyeshadow too!zChocolatzChocolat


These beautiful Cohorted products were shot alongside luxury French chocolates from zChocolat who create delicious handmade chocolates! The chocolates featured are from their Romantic and Easter collections.



Overall I’m impressed by the boxes I’ve received from Cohorted. It’s a great way to try out new brands that’s for sure!

The products are beautifully packed and are swayed towards the luxury makeup sector.

What do you think of the products reviewed in this review? Which ones would you be keen to try?

I would love to hear your thoughts 🙂

Thanks so much for reading!

Laura xo

  • The presentation of all these products is fun! I love how you used the chocolate for the photos! Great post!



  • Although I like some products such as the Too Faced soul mate blush & theBalm eyeshadow palette, I’m not usually blown away by Cohorted boxes hence why I haven’t tried one yet. x

    Renata | Speaking Beauty UK

    • The Too Faced Soul mate Bronzer/Blush really is lovely 🙂 I used this the other day and was certainly impressed with it.

      The Balm eyeshadow palette was a great surprise, haven’t used any of their products before and the same with Too Faced.

      A great way to get to know brands you haven’t tried before.

      Thanks for reading and if you haven’t tried Cohorted maybe give them a go 🙂 I do like the surprise element that’s for sure and prefer the makeup box.

      Thanks for reading!

      Laura xo

  • Eleanor Pritchard

    What you get in these boxes are incredible! Definitely on my wishlist 🙂

  • I’ve never heard of these boxes, but they look great! I love the selection of products and how there are also perfume bottles – the whole idea is amazing, so thanks for sharing 🙂

    Pop over to my blog!


    • Cohorted really is worth trying if you like makeup surprises in the mail, a great way to try brands you perhaps haven’t tried before.

      Glad you enjoyed the post and yes I popped over 🙂

      Laura xo

  • You are a really expert to make-up my dear! So beautiful (and exhaustive) review!!! Kisses and thank you for your visit,

    Do you like Rose quartz? Visit my latest post on Eniwhere Fashion and let me know what you think

  • Why haven’t I heard cohorted before? This is the best subscription box I’ve seen so far and all these chocolates look so yummy! Bookmarked it so maybe one day I can give it a try 🙂
    Have a lovely day 🙂 xx

    Ela BellaWorld

    • Cohorted is a great brand and this review showcases the last three boxes 🙂

      You can’t go wrong with French luxury chocolates and lovely makeup 😉

      Thanks so much, have a lovely day too!

      Laura xo

  • Oh goodness this giftbox is pure bliss, what an amazing treasure to receive! Love the gorgeous pictures as well, simply stunning!
    XO IMKE | Pastellics

    • This post showcases the last three boxes from Cohorted 🙂 Really impressed with the items inside each box especially the Black Edition makeup box!

      Really glad you like the photographs!

      Thanks for stopping by!

      Laura xx

  • Rajwant Kaur Singh

    Amazing, what wonderful treasures to receive
    Beautifully shot too!
    I’m sure you’ll have fun enjoying them all, I’m so jealous

    What Raj Wants

    • They really are lovely products that’s for sure! I enjoyed photographing them and of course reviewing 🙂

      Thanks for reading!

      Laura xo

  • This looks like one of the best subscription boxes I’ve seen- a lot of them tend to send out products by new brands so I like how this one sends out quality and well-known brands! The little perfume box is so cool and i am drooling at these photos

    Rachel xx

    • Rachel it really is gorgeous! The makeup box comes with four main large sized luxury products and the fragrance box tends to come with one main scent and three-four mini samples.

      Yes for sure, it’s great to find a box including brands we know and love, I do enjoy discovering new ones too and the main perfume scent in the White Box was new to me.

      So glad you like the photography 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!

      Laura xx

  • this looks great!

  • Miss Baby Blue

    Hey there girl, I like the nude color pallette!

    My new post is up, so please check it out, and I started following you so if you could return,it would mean so much to me!

    • The nude palette is really lovely 🙂

      Really glad you enjoyed the post and yes I’ll come on over and visit your blog and follow!

      Laura xo

  • Edita Lozovska

    Oh wow – these products look really luxurious 🙂

  • The makeup you got in this box was sure worth it, makes me want to sign up for this box! The tones are perfec for spring.


    • This review includes products from three boxes from Cohorted 🙂 In each box you get 4-5 luxury items. The makeup box is my favourite though the fragrance box is also gorgeous 🙂

      Laura xo

  • Makeup and chocolate? Who would’ve thunk it? Such a great idea!

    xx Yasmin

  • Loving your photo styling… so cute to add the chocolates!!

    All the Cute
    Today’s Post: Edgy Florals…

  • Wow I haven’t heard of a beauty box that contains high-end products before! I love this idea so much, as I’m a little obsessed with these types of products. As soon as I saw the Too Faced blush I immediately fell in love. The warm tones are just so gorgeous. I am obsessed with Too Faced products in general though, the quality and pigmentation is really good. Also the NUDE’Tude Eyeshadow Palette is something that I have wanted for ages. I keep on going to purchase it in Superdrug and then talking myself out of it. I think that I might have to give in sooner or later though haha. Thank you so much for sharing this on your blog. I had never heard of this company before as I said, so it was really interesting Laura.:D – How to get LONG and HEALTHY hair FAST

    • I was really impressed with the products on offer from Cohorted, reviewed here are the last three boxes from the brand 🙂

      The Too Faced blush is gorgeous, beautiful packaging and great to photograph!

      The Nude T’ude palette is really lovely, the eyeshadows are very powdery though so you don’t need much upon application.

      Really glad you enjoyed the review 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!

      Laura xo

  • Wow! Post looks beautiful.. and all that chocolate! Nom 🙂
    Becca | theBeautyInbox

  • Ivana Džidić

    this make up box seems great. It contains so many lovely products.
    Great review and presentation.
    Have a fantastic week.

    • The makeup products are really lovely! I’m impressed with the Cohorted brand.

      Thank you kindly for your compliments and glad you enjoyed the review!

      Laura xo

  • Beautifu review! The products look great!

    Have a great week : )



  • These are some really yummy colours. Great feature!

  • Oh wow what a fabulous set of boxes. This looks like my kind of subscription for sure. Thanks for introducing them to me. Have a lovely week. Gemma x

    • They are lovely aren’t they? I’m really glad you enjoyed 🙂

      You’re very welcome and thanks for reading Gemma!

      Thanks very much!

      Have a great week too!

      Laura xo

  • Sarah Laird

    Wow, these are amazing boxes! Fab selections in each. I especially like the Carrie and Big bronzer (such a cute name) and the Penhaligons perfume! x

    Viva Epernay

    • The Carrie and Big Bronzer is lovely and I love the heart shaped packaging.

      The Penhaligons perfume is every classy both in terms of bottle design and scent – my first time trying the brand 🙂

      Thanks for reading.

      Laura xo

  • Probably the white box or the black edition! Although it’s a tough choice

    • The white box is lovely, the fragrances are gorgeous!

      The Black Edition is great if you love luxury makeup 🙂

      Thanks for reading!

      Laura xo

  • Diana Ashuayem

    Oh wow! what a fabulous box! Love the chocolates too.

  • thefashionsalt

    These look like amazing boxes! I’d love to try that Lancome concealer and the Nude’tude Eyeshadow palette. The colours in that look incredible. Great review!

    • They really are great Lili 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed the review!

      The Balm’s eyeshadow palette is lovely and the Lancome concealer is great and isn’t heavy which is perfect 🙂

      Thanks for reading!

      Laura xo

  • These are really really impressive boxes! I love the look of the White box, even just for the Pixi and TheBalm products!

    The Makeup Directory

    • They are lovely aren’t they? The white fragrance box is lovely and the black box containing the makeup products is gorgeous 🙂

      Thanks so much for stopping by!

      Laura xo

  • I had absolutely no idea Cohorted boxes were so impressive, all of the items featured in either the white and/or black box editions are those I’d undoubtedly look to purchase anyway! Oh and needless to say, those chocolate look utterly delicious 😉

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

    • The boxes were really impressive, I love the Black Edition makeup box the most, it’s great 🙂

      Really love trying out brands I haven’t previously tried such as Too Faced.

      The chocolates from zChocolat were delicious 😉

      Thanks for reading!

      Laura xo

  • Wow, those palettes have lovely packaging! The colors are amazing too! I personally prefer neutral-colored eyeshadows. Nice review! Those products look great 💕

  • Everything looks lovely! I would be confused about which to try first.

    • They really are 🙂 If you haven’t tried Cohorted before I would recommend trying The Black Edition makeup box as it contains four large sized luxury makeup items. Great value for sure 🙂

      Laura xo

  • These boxes are such a great idea! I think it’d be even better if they featured more recent releases, but overall they look fab! 🙂


    • They really are great boxes 🙂 Yes it would be great if they featured some recent release products however they’re still lovely 🙂

      Laura xo

  • Wow. This looks like so much fun and so wonderful! And the chocolates looks quite tasty!

    Mallory // Perhaps Bananas

  • “Cohorted” is my favourite box. And the chocolates look yummy!

    • The products are great aren’t they? 🙂 Glad you’re a fan too!

      zChocolat create some delicious chocolates!

      Thanks for stopping by Anouk!

      Laura xo

  • I think I’d enjoy the perfume edition the most! I have at least 7 fragrances and I am using a different every day, so this one would be great to try. I also like the nail polish, and those chocolates look divine! Thanks for the tip with the primer. I also use primer before applying a lipstick.

    Sun and Sany – Bulgarian travel and leisure blog

    • The perfumes are lovely and I do love a great scent, especially discovering new scents also!

      The Nails INC nail varnish is lovely and as for the chocolates from zChocolat they are delicious!

      Of course 🙂 The difference a primer makes to the eyes is untrue and agreed with you there with the lips.

      Thanks for reading!

      Laura xx

  • Enrie Scielzo

    Everything looks so inviting!

    Enrie Scielzo, The Ladyboy

  • Yiotou_La

    I have never heard of these boxes and honestly, I am a little jealous of these amazing products that you received, I wish I could order them! 🙂 new follower here!

    • The products reviewed above are from the previous three Cohorted boxes 🙂 I wanted to give you all an in-depth review of the brand.

      Really glad you like the looks of the products!

      Great to meet you on here!

      Thanks for reading and following!

      Laura xo

  • I’ve never heard about these boxes, but they look awesome. I appreciate you reviewing and sharing multiple boxes, it certainly gives the reader (me!! haha!) a better idea of what Cohorted is all about. I have never seen the Too Faced soul mates blushes but I LOVE the name of the one in your black box. Carrie and Big!!!

    Beautiful photos, too!!
    Much Love,
    -Stephanie Eva

    • I’m really glad you enjoyed the review, and yes I purposely waited to build them up to give readers an in-depth review into the brand and to see what has appeared in the last few boxes from Cohorted.

      The Carrie and Big blush is lovely! Really love the heart and my first time trying Too-Faced 🙂

      Thanks so much, glad you like the photos!

      Thanks for reading and have a lovely weekend!

      Laura xo

  • Adele Miner

    Loving this, gorgeous pictures.. thanks for sharing! I think your blog is lovely, let me know if you would like to follow each other!

  • I am seriously envious of this box.. it look absolutely gorgeous AND you have got some amazing things!!! Can I just take a minute to tell you absolutely amazing your pictures are darling?.. You should honestly be so proud of them,. they are stunning!!



    • There are three boxes in the post reviewed, The Black Box from January, The White Box from February and The Black Box from March 🙂

      I wanted to collate the products all together to give you all an in-depth review of Cohorted 🙂

      Thank you so much for complimenting my photographs! I’m so glad you like them. Photography really inspires me.

      Thanks so much for reading! Have a lovely weekend 🙂

      Laura xo

  • I have read with envy about Cohorted boxes but unfortunately they are UK only or at least I believe them to be so. Honestly can’t wait for them to start shipping worldwide or at least to Canada.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • That’s a shame that you cannot get Cohorted boxes however perhaps there is a similar service?

      The products included however you can certainly purchase separately reviewed in this post 🙂

      Laura xo

  • Wow, the box contained such wonderful products! I love the Too Faced blush, so pretty and I love the name, too 🙂 I’m a huge fan of Gucci’s Flora, in fact, I’m nearly done with mine and need to get another. Thanks so much for sharing, I’ve never heard of Cohorted before, so thanks so much for introducing me! I hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead, beauty!



    • The Too Faced blush is gorgeous isn’t it? Really very pretty 🙂

      Gucci’s Flora is really lovely, a very crisp scent! Which other fragrances do you like? I really do love my scents.

      Cohorted are impressive, I think if you’re going to subscribe to any box I would opt for the makeup black box initially as the products are generally full sized.

      Really glad you enjoyed the post and thanks for reading!

      Thanks lovely lady! Wishing you a very Happy Weekend too!

      Laura xx