Gorgeous Cosmetics Makeup

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The SheHearts Gorgeous Cosmetics 8 Pan Palette!

Gorgeous Cosmetics have a section on their website where you can create your very own makeup palette choosing from their beautiful Color Pro eye and cheek shades!

I opted to create a multi tasking palette containing some hot pinks, russet browns, and peaches for use on the cheeks and the eyes!

The shades here are:

Top row (left to right)

Marshmallow, Apricot, Charity, Pink Glimmer

Bottom row (left to right)

Dusk Rose, Violet Satin, Monique, Hedgehog

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Color Flash Glitter in Mardi Gras

This hot pink glitter with blue flecks is just beautiful & perfect for dabbing on top of an eyeshadow for an extra pop! It’s long lasting!

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Color Flash Glitter in Diamond

A gorgeous white glitter with pink flecks which adds a beautiful hint of sparkle to an eye look, it’s really very pretty. Use a little on top of of your eye shadow and on cheekbones. A little goes a long way!

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Gorgeous Cosmetics Lipstick

Considering the eye and cheek shade is quite dramatic, I opted for my two favourite natural lipstick shades.

From left to right

Hula Hoop – Beige brown, matte, cream finis

Christine – Dark beige, cream finish

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Gorgeous Cosmetics Lip Pencil in Qiana 

This lip pencil is exceedingly natural and is perfect to line the lips & combined with either Hula Hoop or Christine. Long lasting and has a beautiful creamy finish.

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Gorgeous Cosmetics Liquid Lips in Allure

Allure is a Sheer pink with gold shimmer. This lip gloss is a really pretty sheer gloss, I particularly like the beautiful shimmer the gloss provides, it really is ever so attractive added on top of any of the Gorgeous Cosmetics lipstick ranges.
Gorgeous Cosmetics is a wonderful brand. Click here for some more picks from this wonderful brand 🙂