KOJI Restaurant Review 2016


Revisit to KOJI

KOJI is by far one of my favourite Japanese restaurants in Parsons Green & after a positive experience last year it was a pleasure to return to this hidden gem in the heart of Fulham.

The restaurant provides a combination of great quality food mixed with a warm atmospheric setting. The low lighting really adds a romantic ambiance.

The food at KOJI is quite simply superb and each dish is presented beautifully.

We opted for The Butterfish Takaki (photo one and two) which was on the specials menu along with the Sashimi Salmon (photo three and four).

Our waitress suggested we go for a spicier version of the Butterfish, being a fan of punchy spicy food we opted for this and glad I did. The butterfish melted in your mouth, it was moorish and delicious.

The teaming of garlic, ginger and chilli garnishing the dish created such a positive taste sensation.

The Sashimi Salon was beautifully done, great quality fish full of flavour. The wasabi and ginger flavours complimented this tasty dish.SheHeartsKojiSheHeartsKoji

SheHeartsKojiCompared to last year we visited on a much quieter night, great for an intimate romantic setting, however if you’re looking a bustling atmosphere visit one of KOJI’s DJ evenings for more of a bustling experience.SheHeartsKojiSheHeartsKojiSheHeartsKoji

SheHeartsKoijSheHeartsKojiSheHeartsKojiAfter enjoying our first dishes we ordered a bottle of Vouvray Methode Traditionnelle Brut, from Loire, France. This flavoursome honeyed sparkling wine compliments both fish and chicken dishes beautifully.

We ordered the Chicken Breast Teriyaki from the Robata Grill and a mixture of Spicy Maki Tuna Avacado and Maki Hamachi Avacado which is a popular choice of fish for a sushi dish.

The quality of the sushi was gorgeous and rolled perfectly. When it comes to sushi I would recommend choosing spicier options as it really makes such a difference to the overall impact.SheHeartsKoji
SheHeartsKojiFor dessert we were pleasantly surprised by KOJI staff with a Lemon Parfait with caramel beer sauce, Lemon curd, Mirabelle compote on a crunchy shortbread biscuit.

My partner and I are getting married in a couple of months and it was so kind of staff to surprise us with this beautiful celebration dessert, thank you 🙂

The dessert was light and fluffy, a great alternative to a heavier option. It was beautifully presented with golden leaf and edible florals.SheHeartKoji


The Japanese cuisine at KOJI is by far the best I have tasted. Chef Rolando Oncoy who was formally trained at Nobu brings his experience to plate. The Butterfish sushi was a highlight for me.

If you’re a fan of Japanese food and you’re looking for an atmospheric place to dine I highly recommend visiting.

What do you think of the looks of the looks of the KOJI judging from the photographs above? Do you like Japanese food?

I would love to hear your thoughts 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Laura xo

  • Aditi Oberoi Malhotra

    It all looks so delicious!
    Adi xx

  • Nadia

    Ohhh, everything looks so delicious! I am a big fan of the Japanese cuisine so this sounds like the place I’d love! Hard to bear a dish made with such professionalism and experience <3 Also, I could eat sushi for breakfast, lunch and dinner 🙂 Many many congrats on the upcoming big day, lovely!! Very excited for you both & I am sure it will be one of the best days in your lives. The fun stuff starts afterwards – eeekkk!! Marriage is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me 🙂 Sharing your life with your best friend and soulmate is beyond comparison.
    xox Nadia

    • Japanese food really is delicious isn’t it? The fusions of the flavours in the dishes at KOJI impress so much and the highlight of the visit was the butterfish, it was gorgeous!

      The chef brings his experience to each dish and already excited about my next visit, it’s amazing there and a lovely gem in Parsons Green.

      Thank you so much Nadia, both of us are really excited about everything 🙂

      Laura xo

  • This looks absolutely delicious Laura! The presentation is just the prettiest too..! I am officially hungry for some sushi this amazing! haha

    Karen| http://chocolatyprints.com

  • Kay (shoesandglitter)

    Everything looks absolutely amazing, wow! 🙂 I love the presentation, the food looks almost too yummy to eat it. 😀 I’ve never tried much Japanese food actually, I had some sushi but never really authentic sushi from a proper restaurant. Would love to try it one day! I especially like the sound of that salmon, back when I was a meat-eater I used to really love salmon so that would have been right up my alley. 🙂 It’s so lovely that you discovered such a wonderful place that you can come back to! Also, congrats to you and your partner, so excited for you two! 😀 Thanks for sharing hun, and I hope you’re having a fab weekend. x


    • KOJI is an amazing place to dine, seriously each bite is so flavoursome and the chef really does bring his experience into each dish, the flavours are divine! I really can’t wait to go back again.

      You should try sushi for sure, you’ll really like it and there are so many tasty dishes to pick from, there’s something for everyone!

      Thanks Kay, we are both super excited 🙂

      Hope you had a lovely weekend and thanks, have a lovely week ahead!

      Laura xo

  • Dominique

    Oooh I don’t live far from Fulham, sounds like I need to give this a try! Great review hun xx


    • You should check KOJI out for sure especially if you live close! A wonderful place to dine and you will absolutely love the food, it’s so delicious!

      Do let me know if you do go, would love to hear what you think of it! Would recommend visiting on a DJ night.

      Laura xo

  • Looks really good!





  • Laura,

    This is such a beautiful post! It is always nice to be able to revisit a place and still get the same quality food and experience, or if not more, as this clearly shows that they pay attention to the consistency of their products and services *_^

    The food look absolutely divine and I totally love the more quiet ambience for the night, perfect for a romantic condlelight dinner for the both of you!

    And wow! Congrats that you are getting married soon! Such a wonderful news indeed, they were totally sweet to throw in that dessert for your special news! Lemon Parfait with caramel beer sauce??! Oh my, sounds so interesting!

    Your evening couldn’t be any better than this most definitely *_^

    As always, thanks so much for sharing your exquisite dining experience with us, it’s always such a good read and thanks even more for your love for my humble little blog! Love your friendship and support. It means the world to me! Sorry for not dropping by sooner as I have been busy.

    Have a beautiful weekend ahead, dearie!

    With love,
    Jeann | LUMINNEJ

    • Thanks so much Jeann, I’m really glad that you enjoyed the review on KOJI, it really is one of my favourite restaurants for Japanese food and you’re absolutely right, the attention to detail in each dish really creates such a magical culinary experience.

      Yes for sure, visiting on a quieter night creates a very chilled out romantic atmosphere, I do prefer the busier nights as I love people watching and the fun bar atmosphere in the background adds to the full KOJI experience. Both experiences were very positive and the food for sure is something which is perfect each time in terms of quality!

      Thanks so much for the congrats! The Lemon Parfait with caramel beery sauce was really tasty, surprisingly light, fluffy and moorish!

      Thank you, have a great week ahead!

      Laura xo

  • Wow, that’s a huge compliment you saying it’s the best you’ve tasted given that London is so filled with Japanese restaurants and these beautiful photos of dishes that I too would love has totally made me want to make the trek over to that side of London to sample it all Laura. So hungry right now having just read that!

    • Yes it really is by far one of the best Japanese restaurants I’ve tried so far in London, KOJI is on the outskirts and it’s nice to step outside of the busy city and visit a restaurant on the outskirts in Parsons Green.

      The head chef worked at Nobu for many years, and takes his experience to KOJI, the food really is incredible.

      If you’re looking for more of a party atmosphere go on a DJ night, they’re great fun and adds more to the atmosphere for sure.

      Laura xo

  • The sushi and the chicken breast Teriyaki look amazing but the Butterfish takaki and the sashimi salmon look scary because I have never had them. The sparkling wine and the dessert was the highlight of the meal in my opinion. I can’t wait to hear more about your wedding hun!!

    • The sushi and chicken dishes really were delicious! The Butterfish was one of the highlights of my previous trip, it was incredibly tasty!

      Sparkling wine or champagne is a hit with any meal for me, it really adds to the luxurious experience 🙂

      Aw thanks so much I will be posting about my wedding on SheHearts 🙂

      Laura xo

  • I love japanese food, so I´d love to try this restaurant. Along with a DJ it sounds like a perfect night, but your quiet night was better for taking pictures I guess.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    • Japanese food really is so tasty, I’m a huge fan of it and the unique flavours. The DJ night is great fun, my first visit to KOJI the DJ started at 9pm and really livened up the place adding to the atmosphere.

      Visiting mid-week quieter for a more chilled out experience 🙂

      Prefer the lively nights when the restaurant is busier as it does add to the atmosphere more and management are always great fun and it adds to the experience for sure.

      Glad you enjoyed the post.

      Laura x x

  • Beauty Follower

    WOnderful restaurant!


  • Wow this food looks so good


  • this restaurant very gorgeous
    I’d love to know your opinion on my NEW OUTFIT
    have an happy day
    —> tr3ndygirl fashion & beauty blogger <—

  • Tessy Onyia

    Wow! this is indeed a lovely place, glad you had fun and congratulations on your upcoming wedding pretty, you look amazing and the food looks yummy!


    • Really glad that you enjoyed the review! Thanks so much for the congratulations 🙂 KOJI is such a great place to visit that’s for sure!

      Thanks for the congrats 🙂

      Laura xo

  • Wow, this looks like such a lovely meal!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  • Stella Asteria

    Hi Laura how are you my dear? Well Japanese cuisine is by far my favourite, and this place looks perfect for me! What’s that first plate with the saffron? Everything looks so delicious! I wanna have some sushi right now haha! now the big news, CONGRATS on your upcoming wedding dear! You are going to be such a beautiful bride! Can’t wait to see you! Wish you all the best from my heart! <3
    Have a great day and thanks for sharing!

    • Hey Stella,

      I’m very well thanks and how are you? Japanese is one of my favourites too that’s for sure, really ever so moorish and tasty.

      Yes the first dish did include Saffron, it was delicious!

      Thanks so much, both of us are so excited!

      Laura xo

  • This restaurant looks beautiful and the food yummy! I also didn’t know you were getting married so huge congrats! xx

    • KOJI is a great place to dine that’s for sure, really such tasty food and amazing quality fish if you love Sushi as much as I do.

      Thanks so much 🙂 It’s been a fast turn around and both of us are so excited about it!

      Glad you enjoyed the review Leah!

      Laura xo

  • Oh, I’m a big fan of Japanese cuisine. This looks delish.

  • I’ve always love your restaurant reviews, Laura as you always do a brilliant job with it and makes me want to visit every one of them. And I had no idea you’re getting married in a couple of months, congratulations! How’s the preparation coming along?

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • Thanks Shireen I’m really glad you enjoy the restaurant reviews, I enjoy writing them and sharing them with you all 🙂 KOJI seriously is such a great place for Japanese food, their sushi is just so tasty!

      Thank you 🙂 It was a very quick turn around in terms of prep so all very exciting! Preparation is going well considering the short amount of time we have had to play with 🙂 Both of us are very excited.

      Glad you enjoyed the review!

      Laura xo

  • Oh wow Laura, you’ve really outdone yourself with the photography here and I know exactly what you mean by the low lighting providing a romantic ambience; it makes restaurants all the more inviting 🙂

    On a completely different note, I’m so glad you could make it to the Daivor event – it was so much fun and I’m sure we’ll find opportunities to meet up again sometime! By the way, thanks for the (ahem, candid) photo you took of me leafing through the rails haha and I hope you found a photo or two you liked out of those I took of you 🙂

    Have a brilliant weekend!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice xxxx

    • I’m really glad you like the photography 🙂 KOJI is such a great place to go for Japanese food, the sushi is delicious and don’t get me started on the desserts. During our previous visit we enjoyed the chocolate fondant which was absolutely divine! http://shehearts.net/koji-review/ knowing your sweet tooth I think you would appreciate the chocolatey goodness!

      Yes the Davior event was so much fun, thank you so much for inviting me along to it! Thanks for the photos too, I have a few on my camera I shall send to you! Was really great to meet you and catch up over fashion, champagne, chocolate 😉

      Thank you! Have a lovely weekend too and see you soon!

      Laura x x x x

  • I love sushi, but I haven’t tried any other Japanese food. I guess I would like it. The food looks great on the photos! How cool you and your partner are getting married soon! I am sure you are very excited about it!

    Sun and Sany – Bulgarian travel and leisure blog

    • Sushi is a favourite of mine, recommend trying other Japanese dishes, the spices and fusions of the cuisine in the grilled dishes really creates such a unique and moorish flavour.

      Thanks so much, both of us are very excited that’s for sure 🙂

      Glad you enjoyed the review!

      Laura xo

  • Alyce Wonderland

    I LOVE Japanese food. Thank you so much for sharing this Laura! I can’t wait to visit Koji. 😀


  • Everything looks so yummy! Thanks for sharing!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  • Yum, this looks so good! I’m always looking for good sushi places in London so definitely have to check this out 😀 Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, btw! xxx

    • Glad you enjoyed the review Miranda! The food is incredible at KOJI! Do let me know if you check it out 🙂

      Thanks so much! Both of us are really excited.

      Laura x x x

  • Oh wow, this food looks amazing! We have lots of sushi restaurants out here but nothing like this! Thanks for sharing.

    xo, Jackie

  • I haven’t had sushi in a little over a week which for me is a LONG time. haha. So this post makes me want to order some ASAP. Congrats on getting married too! That’s nice the restaurant treated you both.


    Violet Roots || Instagram || Twitter

    • A whole week? You had better get yourself booked into your favourite sushi restaurant straight away 😉

      Thanks so for the wishes! Both of us are very excited and yes, those little extra touches are always remembered fondly. We aren’t married yet, two months to go!

      Laura xo

  • Congratulations, beautiful, on the engagement, so exciting! I love Japanese food, though they’re not all one and all the same! This one seems to be great, the food looks amazing! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with us, beauty, and I hope you’re having a great week so far!



    • Thanks so much Jalisa! We have actually been engaged for a while however getting married this year so both very excited 🙂

      The food at KOJI is seriously amazing, packed full of flavour and goodness, really healthy also!

      Really glad you enjoyed the review and thank you, hope you’re having a great week so far too and hope you’re well!

      Laura xo

  • The food looks amazing. Congrats on your upcoming wedding!


    • The food at KOJI is superb, by far the best sushi I’ve ever tasted. Delicious!

      Glad you enjoyed the review and thanks so much for the wishes 🙂

      Laura xo

  • Oh this all looks so delicious! Great review.

    Gemma x

  • I love Japanese food and this place looks amazing! Thanks for the great review and beautiful photos!


    • KOJI really does impress with their beautiful dishes, really great quality food and friendly management too which is always an added plus 🙂

      Laura xo

  • Gina Diaz

    I´d like to try it one day… Thanks for the review
    Feeling curious, xGina // http://www.artsyrunway.com

  • Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials Laura – you must be so excited for your wedding day!! It’s been so long since I visited Parsons Green (I lived in neighbouring Fulham 6 years ago) and used to love visiting. Koji looks like a fun place to visit either mid week for a quieter ambience or at the weekend for a bit more hustle and bustle xx

    • Thank you ever so much, we are both very excited about our wedding day!

      KOJI is a great place to go for great quality Japanese food, the sushi is by far the best I’ve tasted so far.

      You’re right, KOJI is great to visit either mid-week or over the weekend, both are totally different experiences but one thing that remains is food quality, it’s always so good.

      Glad you enjoyed the review!

      Laura xo