Qbic London City Hotel Review


QbicΒ London City Review

Recently I had the pleasure of staying at the quirky Qbic London City HotelΒ in Whitechapel. The unique feel of the hotel really represents the arty area of East London with its charm and fun loving nature.

The room we stayed in was called The Cosy Room which really was ever so charming! I loved the different touches and it was really unlike any other hotel room I had seen. The character of the room was remarkable, how can it not be when the photograph above the bed is of a dog sporting a pair of rather hip shades πŸ˜‰

The bed was so comfortable and possible one of the best nights sleep I have ever had, it helped that the bed was handmade and felt as though you were sleeping in on cotton wool even though the bed was firm.


Surrounded in the room were funky designs and a chair made out of wood and yellow rope material which I’m pretty sure was made out of a hose pipe, I’m not quite sure but it made quite the fun loving touch!

Instead of your usual ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign, it was written on the T-Shirt of a little dog toy which you could hang outside your door! A really cute touch and lovely to see the hallways surrounded by lots of little dogs hanging on peoples doors late at night πŸ™‚

The bathroom was clean and spacious, and had a brilliant yellow sunshine colour on the walls which really made it come to life!

The shower was lovely and refreshing, very relaxing indeed with a great shower head (it’s the small things!)

After admiring the lovely room and putting on one of my favourite Little Black Dresses it was time to head for dinner.Parts & Labourparts & labourparts and labourParts and labourparts and labour

parts and labourDining at Qbic

The restaurant at Qbic is lovely.Β Like the hotel, the quirky appearance flows into the restaurant with it’s unique touches such as the ‘Head of the Table’ who went by the name of Eric πŸ˜‰

We didn’t sit at that particular table however I did manage to get up close to him to take a photograph!

The food was really very tasty indeed, I was very impressed at how tasty the meals were.

For starters I had Hummus and Pita, Cucumber and chilli, & my partner had Country farmhouse Pate, Gherkins and bread.

The Hummus was very light and tasty. My partners starter was delicious, great pate!

For the main I opted for The Lemon and Thyme Marinated Chicken Breast which was really very tasty indeed. The chicken was tender and the beautiful hint of Lemon and butternut squash that the chicken came with made an excellent taste sensation.

My partner opted for a classic Beef Burger & Brioche Bun which added a little sweetness to the dish.parts and labourparts and labour


For dessert the chocolate cake option was a must for me with a side of popcorn honeycomb ice-cream! The combination of the chocolate and ice-cream was absolutely delicious!

This was certainly my favourite of the courses, it really was ever so tasty and moorish! I had this with my favourite liqueurΒ Grand Marnier on ace to add to the taste sensation! It was quite perfect!QBIC

Overall I really enjoyed dining at Qbic and would recommend dining there if you’re ever in the East London area. Really satisfying food and a nice quirky atmosphere.qbicqbicqbicqbicqbicQbic

The hotel was very much like an art piece in itself with artistic touches dotted all around the hotel.

You’re instantly greeted with eye catching design in the hotel foyer and exactly why Qbic is described as a Design Hotel.

All very cleanly and fun loving, always something to catch your eye and make you smile πŸ™‚

qbic breakfastqbicqbicparts and labour breakfast

Breakfast in Bed …

Breakfast in bed isn’t usually an option at Qbic London City, however my blog partner went to collect the breakfast from the kitchen to enjoy up in our bedroom before leaving!

Breakfast in bed is very important as it really does allow you to enjoy the room especially on your day of departure. Also we were given a late checkout of 3pm which really did make all the difference as you don’t have to rush. It was lovely to enjoy a late breakfast.

We opted forΒ Waffles, Streaky Bacon, Maple Syrup and a selection of pastries. The waffles were delicious and really very moorish! The sweetness of the Maple Syrup and the saltiness of the bacon really made this breakfast taste gorgeous! The pastries were so tasty! The one I enjoyed the most was the cinnamon role, soft and melted in your mouth!
East LondonEast london

Overall I enjoyed my stay at Qbic, and the highlight was certainly The Cosy Room, it was lovely and the bed was exceedingly comfortable to sleep in. The beds are homemade and organic, lots of thought time and consideration has gone in to making these beds extra comfortable.

The food was certainly a high point and enjoyed the meal ever so much, tasty, moorish and the atmosphere was really laid back.

What are your impressions of Qbic London City looking at the photographs above? What would tempt you to stay here? πŸ™‚

I would really love to hear your thoughts πŸ™‚

Thank you ever so much for reading!

Laura xo