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W7 In the Buff 

This palette is a natural eye palette which is similar to The Naked Palette Naked Palette 2 by Urban Decay. This is a great dupe in comparison and I’m impressed by the colours in this palette as the colours are so pretty and do resemble the colours of the Naked Palette Two.

They eyeshadow colours are not  highly pigmented, only a very delicate  touch of colour shows when you apply even if you layer  the eyeshadow. If you’re looking for a vivid look try using an eye primer underneath to help colour pop a little more.

The In The Buff palette is great if you’re simply looking for a day to day easy to use palette which adds a hint of colour to the eyelid, great to create a natural daytime look.

For a high-street brand it’s fairly priced at £9:99 and it comes with a nice application brush to apply your shadow with.

DSC_0755 DSC_0756

W7 The Bronzer

This is a lightweight bronzer which is great to achieve a sun-kissed look. It’s ever so light so I would use this as a blush used over a contoured cheek. Great for a hint of colour the packaging is fun loving! Affordable at £4:95


W7 Candy Blush Angel Dust

This adds a great pop of pink to the cheek! Fairly pigmented and you can layer it to create a dramatic look. It’s fairly pigmented and at only £4:95 it’s a great asset to your makeup bag. It’s portable also so great to pop into your handbag on a night out.


W7 Honey Queen Honeycomb Blusher

A lovely product and my favourite from W7 at the moment! The packaging is lively and the product itself works rather well, it’s quite pigmented and compared to many higher end products this is a great day to day alternative! Also £4:95




W7 Kiss Chase & Nude Kiss Lipsticks

From left to right

Kiss Chase in Magnifique – A bright pink shade

Nude Kiss in Dessert Dream – A very natural light brown

These lipsticks are fun for a light hint of colour on the lips. I don’t usually wear bright pinks but this one is pretty natural so it reminded me more of a tinted lip balm rather than a fully pigmented lipstick. The Dessert Brown is a lovely colour and a favourite from W7, a nice shade.

Both lipsticks are matte so they are fairly long lasting. Priced at £4:95.



  • I saw the W7 palette the other day in TKMaxx and was in shock with how similar it is to the Naked palettes. The colours looked beautiful. Seemed like a great option for those who can’t afford or just don’t want to splurge on Urban Decay. x

    Renata | Speaking Beauty UK

    • lauramariescott

      It’s very similar especially in the shade, however it’s not as pigmented as the Naked palettes by Urban Decay. A great palette though and a fantastic price tag!

    • I know! The similarity is crazy! I’m impressed by the range however the eyeshadows aren’t anywhere near as pigmented as the Urban Decay Naked Palette. They have a great price point though and a fantastic dupe in terms of shading 🙂