Luxury Dresses by Forever Devine

Forever Devine is a cutting edge designer brand with a stunning collection of unique and elegant designs created by Rochelle Melbourne.

Forever Devine showcased her stunning designs at the AMBA Charing Cross as London Fashion Week International for the past two years. I was certainly impressed by the attention to detail in each design.

Luxury Dresses by Omar Mansoor

Omar Mansoor Luxury Dresses Lady in Red I had the pleasure of seeing Omar Mansoor's beautiful dresses on display last year at London Fashion Week where he showcased his stunning Imperial Romance Collection SS16 collection. I had the pleasure of reviewing some of his other gorgeous & more colourful looking designs & what with Valentine's Day around the corner ...

AGA Couture London

AGA Couture Design Review Aga Couture is a luxury designer brand created by fashion designer Agnieszka Klaput, a London-based Polish designer. AGA’s simple yet sophisticated designs make women feel respected, yet desirable, sensual, confident, individual and most importantly beautiful. I first spotted AGA Couture's designs at International Fashion Week at the AMBA Charing Cross Hotel and was taken by her ...