Urban Decay Beauty Picks 2016

Urban Decay Alice Through the Looking Glass

Alice Through The Looking GlassAlice Through The Looking GlassSheHearts Urban Decay Lipsticks
Urban Decay Beauty Picks 2016

Urban Decay are known for their beautiful beauty releases and creating such unique products. One of my particular favourites from the brand are their beautiful eyeshadow and lipsticks.

I wanted to showcase a few recent favourites from the brand which I’m particularly impressed with.

Firstly The Alice Through The Looking Glass eyeshadow palette is a colourful kaleidoscopic artwork which is full of quirky names and pigmented shades.

The packaging of the eyeshadow palette is very impressive, the blue butterfly when you open the box is stunning!

You can really experiment with colour in this palette or tone eyes down with more neautral shades.SheHearts Alice Through The Looking Glass

SheHeartsUrbanDecaySheHeartsUrbanDecay2016My favourite colours in the palette are:

Paradox – A Vibrant Orange with Gold Pearl

Cake – A Saturated blue pink with silver micro shimmer

Salazen Grum – Metallic Crimson 

Royal Flush – Pale beige Shimmer

Dutchess – Peach with pink shift and micro sparkle 

Looking Glass – Pale Pink Demi Matte

The combination of bright tones and natural tones creates a fun loving palette you can really experiment with.

You can create the ultimate Mad Hatter look combining the greener shades in the palette such as Hatter, Heads Will Roll and Metamorphosis. Shehearts Urban Decay

SheHearts Urban DecaySheHearts Urban DecayOn the lips the colours are certainly very vivid and some are more dare to wear than others.

From left to right

Mirana – A matte berry with tonal shimmer

Time – Gunmetal Navy with Silver Shimmer

Alice – Sheer Nude with Pink Shift

Mad Hatter – Bright Purple Shimmer

Iracebeth – Bright Red Matte

These are bold and beautiful shades, and my two favourites are Alice and Mirana. Alice is a really subtle sheer lipstick and very wearable for the day, and Mirana is a great berry option for the evening.

Teaming these colours with shades from the eyeshadow palette create a wonderful wonderland look.SheHearts UrbanDecay Vice LipstickSheHearts Urban Decay Vice LipsticksSheHearts Urban Decay

Vice Lipstick Picks

Urban Decay brought out an impressive 100 new lipstick shades to their Vice range, there’s a lipstick to suit everyone here! Some other favourites are reviewed in their Gwen Stefani collection.

The collection has an extensive range of shades from the wild and wonderful to the earthy and natural:

From left to right (top row from left to right)

Crisis -Plum Rose (Cream)

Shame -Deep Berry (Cream)

Nighthawk -Brown Red (Cream)

Hex -Deep Red Wine (Mega Matte)

Disturbed -Deep Brick Red (Comfort Matte)

Middle from Left to Right

Back Talk -Mauve Nude Pink (Comfort Matte)

Pandemonium -Bright Purple (Mega Matte)

Firebird -Deep Fuchsia (cream)

714 -Bright red (Mega Matte)

Big Bang -Bright Pink Sparkle (Pearlised)SheHearts Urban Decay Vice

SheHearts Urban Decay Vice LipsticksSheHeartsUrbanDecayMy favourite lipsticks are the chocolate browny reds which are absolutely gorgeous on the lips. Long lasting and beautiful, and a plummy rose neutral shade.

From left to right:

Crisis -Plum Rose (Cream)

Shame -Deep Berry (Cream)

Nighthawk -Brown Red (Cream)

Hex -Deep Red Wine (Mega Matte)

Disturbed -Deep Brick Red (Comfort Matte)SheHearts Vivani Chocolate

SheHearts Vivani


SheHearts Vivani ChocolateVivani Chocolate

These Urban Decay picks were photographed with Vivani Chocolate which is a luxury chocolate brand from Germany who create a mouthwatering range of tasty organic chocolate.

Vivani use the finest ingredients to create their chocolate using organically grown cocoa beans and raw cane sugar.

The flavours photographed above are 99% Dark, Dark Chocolate filled with Cassis, White Vanilla, Praline Nougat.

Flavoursome and delicious!SheHearts Urban Decay 2016

SheHearts Urban Decay 2016SheHearts Alice Through The Looking GlassSheHearts Vice LipstickOverall

The Alice Through the Looking Glass eyeshadow Palette is beautiful and one of the most impressive palettes from the Urban Decay brand in terms of packaging.

The Vice Lipsticks are beautiful and what with such a large variety of shades you can easily find your perfect match, or mix and match shades to be even more creative 🙂

Which products reviewed above appeal to you the most? Which lipstick shades would you be tempted with the most?

I would love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks for reading,

Laura xo

  • Hayley Rubery

    I am in LOVE with UD products – these lipsticks are AWESOME! I took a couple of shades to some festivals this summer as they’re such fun shades! P.s your pictures are stunning!

    Hayley xo

  • Edita Lozovska

    Those lipstick colours rock!

  • The Alice Through the Looking Glass palette is absolutely gorgeous!! I haven’t tried it myself, but I can imagine how beautiful the colors must look! The chocolate also looks delish!

  • I love Urban Decay! This is such a nice palette, they really push themselves to come up with unique colours and packaging. Thanks for sharing, I will add those vice lipsticks in chocolate to my list 🙂
    Aurelie | http://www.surface85.com

  • The color palette with each is stunning! Love the vivid and dramatic shades! How cool to show the lipsticks with the chocolate! I love the lipsticks the most! great post!!
    xx, Elle

  • You’ve got me wondering if I’m bold enough to trial the Mad Hatter Purple!

  • The color in this collection are incredible! Great post. Your photos are fantastic!


  • I LOVE UD!! Particularly their eyeshadow and lipstick!!

    All the Cute

  • Lipstick is the #1 thing I will not leave the house without! I’ve been loving the red lip for a few years now, but this post has inspired me to venture out and try something a bit different!! Thanks!

  • Urban Decay have actually had some amazing new releases this year haven’t they. There’s still so much that I need to pick up from the brand especially the new Vice Lipsticks, with 100 shades I will find it hard to narrow it down to 1 lipstick x

    Beauty with charm

  • Kay (shoesandglitter)

    Oh my goodness hun this is such a lovely post, so many beautiful pictures! <3 That palette especially is something I had my eye on for a while – the shades are just so gorgeous and unusual; but when it actually came to my payday, the palette wasn't available anymore, so it's kind of like the one that got away, for me! You obviously can't go wrong with Urban Decay lippies, the formula is amongst the best ever and they always offer a stunning selection of colours! Thanks for sharing. 🙂 <3


  • The Vice lipstick in Crisis is on my wishlist, as well as Rapture and Hitch Hike! And now you made me crave chocolate, lol!


  • I love Urban Decay. They have the best lipsticks. And these photos make me want to buy everything!

    -Lily from With Love Lily Rose

  • Wow, amazing products!


  • Everything looks really good. From the vivid pigments on the lipsticks to the wide range of colours of the eye shadow palette.

  • Those chocolate pictures are so mouthwatering! And the Through The Looking Glass palette looks magical.

    • The chocolates really were mouthwatering that’s for sure! The Alice Through The Looking Glass palette is stunning, packaging is just gorgeous!

      Laura xo

  • I am seriously loving all of these Urban Decay products!! The butterfly eyeshadow palette is especially beautiful- the colours are so vibrant 🙂 The lipsticks are the craziest colours, I’m not sure that I personally could pull them all off, but the chocolatey red ones are all so pretty and timeless.

    Rachel xxx

    The Daily Luxe

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the review Rachael 🙂 Urban Decay always impress with their pretty collections.

      The lipsticks are certainly different, the colourful ones are a dare to wear colour for sure but can also be mixed in with other shades too, I think that’s the beauty of crazy lipsticks they can be a colour to mix if you don’t fancy wearing alone.

      The chocolate infused colours are my favourites from the Vice collection, they’re so beautiful and long lasting, love timeless shades.

      Laura xo

  • Wow. Those Urban Decay colours are so vibrant! I love how Vice photographed with chocolate. I mean, come on… I’m totally lured in by chocolate. I like neutrals for make up more, but the UD has the pretties packaging. 🙂


    • The Urban Decay colours in this review are certainly very colourful, I too opt for neutrals more however it’s always great fun to play with colour to vamp up a look or try something totally different.

      You’re right there, the packaging is always so impressive from UD.

      Glad you enjoyed the review!

      Laura xo

  • The butterfly packaging is so pretty. You can rely on UD to have the prettiest packaging, always.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  • You have an eye for beauty products my dear, everything you showcase when it come to makeup is always flawless. I love the lispstick, they look eatable because of how beautiful they are and the eye shadow palette has amazing colors! If applied am sure they would make one look totally flawless!! Am totally in love with the brand!!

    • Thanks Meron I’m really glad that you like the products showcased 🙂

      The lipsticks really are lovely that’s for sure, such a great range and with 100 Vice lipsticks colours to suit everyone!

      Urban Decay is such a great brand with some beautiful products.

      Glad you enjoyed the review!

      Laura xo

  • Wow, those lipsticks are really striking! I love the Mirana dark berry shade. Have a great week, Laura

  • I really want to try some of the Vice lipsticks. I’m yet to try lipsticks from Urban Decay but they have a beautiful shade range here and I’ve heard good things.

    The Makeup Directory

    • The Vice Lipsticks are really gorgeous, such a broad range of colour choices If you do try some of their beautiful shades let me know your thoughts 🙂

      Glad you enjoyed the review!

      Laura xo

  • Your photography is insane!!!! All of these look beautiful. I really must try some UD palettes and lipsticks as I haven’t tried any yet! xx


    • Thanks Leah! Glad you like the photography 🙂

      Urban Decay’s eyeshadows are really lovely, their single shadows are gorgeous too!

      The UD lipsticks are really pretty, with 100 Vice lipsticks you’ll be sure to find one that suits you!

      Laura xo

  • Sharon Reid

    These look absolutely beautiful, so many gorgeous bold colours. I’d want them all. Urban Decay do have some really good products. I’ll still always love the Naked Palettes though 🙂
    Sharon xx

    • You’re right that Urban Decay certainly have some beautiful products, they’re really very beautiful indeed.

      The Naked Palettes are gorgeous, the original is my favourite one.

      Glad you enjoyed the post!

      Laura xo

  • Urban Decay really do have lovely lipsticks and eyeshadows! Their products are always so pigmented, and that’s a really important quality when it comes to eyeshadows especially. I completely agree with you on The Alice Through The Looking Glass eyeshadow palette. I can’t get over how creative the packaging is and how many variations of colours there are too. I really think Urban Decay is one of those brands that take a theme to the next level – bringing it completely to life. The shade Alice from the lipstick collection looks so beautiful for the Summer as well. I’d definitely opt for the lighter shades, as I’m so not brave enough to wear the deeper ones haha.xx

    http://www.youtube.com/veebzboo – Soft Beach Waves Hair Tutorial

    • Urban Decay’s lipsticks and eyeshadows are gorgeous! The Vice Lipsticks are really incredible and to bring out 100 of them is impressive, there’s literally a colour to suit everybody!

      The packing is certainly a winner on this palette, it’s truly magical and beautiful to look at 🙂

      Alice is a pretty lipstick colour, very natural and leaves a sheer sheen sparkle on the lips for a barely there look.

      I do love darker shades as often lighter ones can wash me out however I love a lighter warm rose tone for Summer for the day 🙂

      Glad you enjoyed the review!

      Laura xo

  • The collection is beautiful and I was in awe when I saw it in store, then I noticed the eyeshadow locations. All of they are mixed around which means eyeshadow contamination. I do not like my bases mixed with crease shades. They end up becoming ruined!
    Angie | Chocolate & Lipstick | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

    • The collection really is beautiful and with Urban Decay the quality is always very high. With the Alice Through The Looking Glass Palette I find I use the colours teamed with other palettes I have. I tend to mix my palettes with others often 🙂

      Laura xo

  • I love Urban Decay! I think they have been playing it safe with a while with their new packaging but they really did go all out with their Alice Through The Looking Glass palette! I haven’t tried but it is so beautiful, it looks more like a piece of art rather than an eyeshadow palette. I just recently got 714 lip pencil, I wanted the lipstick but the Gwen Stefani packaging wasn’t available anymore for the lipstick and I -needed it-, I just hope both of them perform as well :), great post, dear!

    Cy | Dulce de Mango

  • Saara Sofia

    I really love the dark red ones! I’m feeling so autumny lately that I’m just loving all the berry shades haha.

    http://www.saarasofia.com | Bloglovin’

  • The packaging is just so perfect! I haven’t tried any vice lipsticks yet, but I have an eye on a few shades!


    Tamara – LoveofMode.com

  • Nicole

    Omg these look amazing! I especially would love the eye palette i think! 🙂

    Girl About Town Blog

  • Aditi Oberoi Malhotra
  • Kate

    The chocolates look yummy, and some of those lipsticks look good enough to eat as well! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

    • The chocolates really were ever so tasty and the Urban Decay lipsticks are impressive especially the chocolatey coloured ones.

      Glad you enjoyed the post!

      Laura xo

  • Hex is now officially on my wish list! It looks stunning. I am such a UD fan. I love the Alice palette. I use it all the time.

  • Laura, what a great post. The makeup looks like lovely colours and the chocolates sound delicious and very good quality.
    Gemma x

  • Oh my gosh, what an utterly gorgeous collection. I think what I’ve come to like most about Urban Decay is the range of bold, vibrant colours – shades you wouldn’t expect to work, but absolutely do! My favourite lip shade would probably be Back Talk (currently adding to the favourites tab on my mac right now haha). Brilliant review, Laura 🙂

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

    • Thanks Gabrielle, I’m really glad you enjoyed the review!

      You’re right that Urban Decay are certainly experimental with their bold and beautiful shades, Back Talk really is a gorgeous shade! Great choice 🙂

      The warm reds and chocolate infused shades are so impressive!

      Laura xo

  • What a bright eyeshadow palette! Even though I love Alice in Wonderland, I am not really interested in the makeup collection, these colours are way out of my comfort zone 🙂 Chocolatey browny reds are my favourite too and they are more wearable than other colours, also how delicious those chocolates look, now I’m craving for some! x

    Ela BellaWorld

    • Yes the Alice Through The Looking Glass palette really is beautiful and agreed the colours are certainly wild including the lip shades 🙂

      The Vice 100 lipstick collection is amazing and so many choices to suit everybody which is something I love about it 🙂

      Glad you enjoyed the review!

      You’re right about the chocolates, they were delicious!

      Laura xo

  • Urban Decay forever! Haha

    x, Kat of Nested Thoughts

  • Absolutely fabulous colors, truly amazing, I love your blog, thanks for sharing!!!


    • They really are superb aren’t they? Such a fun loving collection from Urban Decay! Thank you so much, glad you like SheHearts 🙂

      Laura xo

  • The palette is beautiful but not one that I would but because I wouldn’t wear a lot of the shadows. The lipsticks aren’t for me either xx

    Beautylymin| Abercrombie & Fitch First Instinct Giveaway

    • The Alice Through The Looking Glass Palette is really beautiful, the packaging is so impressive!
      It’s certainly a colourful creation as are the lipsticks from that collection, however the Vice lipstick collection offers 100 choices so I’m sure you’ll find a perfect pick for you!

      Glad you enjoyed the review!

      Laura xo

  • All of these colours are so cool

  • Ivana Džidić

    I would love to try that blue lipstick, but I like all these shades. These Urban Decay lipsticks you presented are so bold, love it!

    The palette seems amazing too…so many wonderful shades. The chocolade looks so yummy too….


    • The blue lipstick certainly is a dare to try shade that’s for sure, when I was younger I remember buying a blue glittery lipstick, lots of fun! Can’t wait this one is a favourite as but the blue can be used as a mix in colour to add some coolness to a berry ip.

      The palette is really gorgeous, so many pretty shades! Glad you enjoyed the review.

      Laura xo

  • Awww this collection looks so amazing!! So gorgeous! I love Alice in Wonderland 🙂 I did buy any of their Vice lipsticks because I couldn’t choose… too many options ahaha x


    • Glad you enjoyed the review Serena! The Alice Through The Looking Glass palette is impressive, really gorgeous!

      Hopefully this review can help narrow down your lipstick options from the Vice collection 🙂

      Glad you enjoyed the review!

      Laura xo

  • WOW, this collection is beautiful, to say the least! From the packaging to the colors, everything is so whimsical in the Alice collection! I love the idea of the blue lipstick trend, but not quite sure I can pull it off, haha! As for the VICE lippies, I’ve been wanting to try them out for the longest while, the browns you’ve shared here are gorgeous and perfect for fall especially! Oh, and how delicious do those chocolates look!? Yum! Thanks so much for sharing, beauty, and I hope you’re having a great week so far!



    • The Urban Decay collection really is impressive, each time the do a new release I get excited because of the sheer amount of creativity which goes into each collection.

      The Vice lipsticks are gorgeous and really do love the browny/reds, perfect for Fall I agree though I would sport them in the Summer months too 😉

      The chocolates really are gorgeous! Thought they paired nicely with the browny toned lipsticks!

      Glad you enjoyed the review Jalisa!

      Laura xo

  • Hayley Ash

    I so wish I’d have had the money to get one of these eye pallets, the colours look amazing and as for the lipsticks, I’m in heaven. I don’t think I could choose a favourite. Your photos make everything look so stunning and now I’m hungry, time to open the minstrels. 🙂 &hearts: HWY29

    • The eye palettes from Urban Decay are gorgeous, so whenever you do get one one day you’ll be very impressed.

      Glad you like the photographs and review!

      Laura xo

  • Olga Pancenko

    Beautiful pictures!!


  • Their new line is sooo crazy! I just bought my first Vice lipstick and I love it. I will admit though that having so many new products is a little overwhelming. I mean there are soooo many new lipsticks it’s literally insane. The largest release I’ve ever seen.

    -Emily http://www.coatandcoffee.com

    • Urban Decay always impress with their collections and their Vice lipstick collection is pretty impressive!

      Glad you enjoyed the review Emily!

      Laura xo

  • Eleanor Pritchard

    This post has made my want to try the vice lipsticks so much, they all look so different and I love the fact they have different finishes x


    • The Vice lipsticks are really gorgeous! I really do like the browny/reds from the collection, really stunning finishes also especially the matte ones as they are so long lasting.

      Glad you enjoyed the post!

      Laura xo

  • I’m not even remotely interested with the Urban Decay collection instead my whole concentration is at the chocolate! LOL! Never heard of the brand Vivani before but I checked their website an they have a retailer in Canada!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • The chocolate from Vivani is delicious! Really very tasty and glad you liked my chocolate infused photographs!

      Great to hear you have a retailer in Canada, if you do try them let me know what you think 🙂

      Laura xo